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on March 29, 2008 - 12:07pm

ok, that sounds bad...but really it's okay.

my dad is the safety manager at the construction company, Har-Bro Inc.
so, whenever there's a building to fix or to make (by the company) my dad goes along to make sure everything is "safe."
so, he left to san diego, ca on wednesday afternoon to the job site.
he will come home NEXT weekend.


my younger brother left yesterday afternoon (friday) for a trip at the mountains with the confirmation class at our church.
he will be coming home tomorrow (sunday) at around 4:30pm.

SO, for now it's just the girls alone in the house. my mom, aunt and myself.

my mom is out at the movies with her friend, my aunt is going to leave to her apartment and start fixing it and i will be alone for a couple of hours. i have to go sing in 6 hours.

BTW... i took the written part of the driving test..and...
I PASSED!!!!!!!

woo hoo!!!
my dad was going to take me driving today, but he's not here.
oh well!!

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