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Appreciation with some laughter mixed in

Irishgirl127's picture
on March 29, 2008 - 2:30pm

I'm home kicking back today. It feels good to just stay home and vegetate more or less. I'm playing physical therapist to Dave to make sure he's doing all his knee exercises right. I want him to heal and get back to work. Yes I love him but my space has been invaded since Jan. so I go in my room and have a little cry. That's my little pity party that I have now and then. I manage to snap out of it though. Looks like Dave may possibly get back to work in late June or early July.
We're both hoping for that though. L&I checks aren't all they're cracked up to be. Yeah things are tight even with my paycheck but we're grateful for everything we have in our lives. Things like our two beautiful children, we're a bit prejudice on that point, our family and friends, each other,and our dog JR. Oh, I can't forget some people very important to me, the Grobanite family and of course last but certainly not least JOSH. between the Grobanite family and Josh (my feel good people)I smile a lot and my family can't quite understand it.
Dave made a comment the other day that made me laugh till I cried.he saw that I was wearing my Josh t-shirt and he said," Josh is a lucky man he's able to feel your body close to him more than me lately. I'm jealous!! If I had his number I would call him to come here to see if that would help me get Josh out of my system" He laughed. He has a difficult time doing anything. He has a hard time hugging me. We make it work though.
It's amazing what a person takes for granted till it's lost whether it's permanent or temporary.

I can't wait till the 48 hrs. is up and we're told that we can pre-order AWAKE-LIVE cd/dvd. I'm getting more and more excited and impatient by the minute. Talk about putting the screws to us, it's working!

Have a great day all!

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