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Is it finally Spring??

wigirl's picture
on March 29, 2008 - 4:28pm

Okay - I've had it with this weird, Wisconsin weather. Friday, 3/21 (2nd official day of Spring) we had another big snow storm (about 15 in. of the white stuff). By Monday, 3/24 most of the snow melted. Last Thursday (3/27) it snowed another (2-3 inches). Yesterday and today, it was about 45 degrees and sunny all day (most of the snow melted). Monday, they're predicting thunderstorms.

I so want to put away my bulky sweaters and haul out my Spring/Summer clothes... But it'll snow the minute I do so (Murphy's Law #102).

I also long to sit outside on my balcony with my small radio and play card tournaments (and other games) with my friends and go hiking.

Until then, I dream of summer memories... The festivals (mainly Greek fest, State Fair, and the music festivals), hiking, cook-outs, etc.

Hard to believe, it's only the end of March and already the Summerfest concert line-up is already being discussed on radio stations... Stevie Wonder is supposed to be the opening act this year. So far, I'm unimpressed with the concert line-up.

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