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Have you ever woken up and had it

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on March 31, 2008 - 3:23am

feel like you "broke" your ear? Seriously ... there have been a few times that I probably slept too soundly on one side of my head and my ear hurts really bad when I lift my head off the pillow! Stop snickering! It's like throbbing and painful if I touch it ... Soooo yeah ... I can feel the weight of your stare ... am I the only one in the world that this happens to? Ummm ... well nevermind.

So baby boy is totally excited to take a trip to London. We're going to spend 10 days there but it will be gone before you know it! Last time I went to England I was there for 5 weeks and that was a tad too long - I hadn't brought either of the kids and it just dragged on and on ... now if Duncan and I were going to England for 5 weeks that would be a different story altogether. I could easily stay there for a month with baby boy and see EVERYTHING he wants to see. He says he wants to see Stonehenge but I don't think we'll be anywhere in the vicinity of it. I'll have to check with Saffy ... in any case I would rather take him to - oh come on, what's the name of it - Avebury where they have the same types of standing stones as Stonerhenge only you can walk amongst the stones and visit shops and have tea. (I did say Stonerhenge on porpoise just so you know!) But I'm pretty excited too ... I can't wait to have my first pub draft of ale ... oh man I'm salivating just thinking about it! I haven't been drinking hardly at all so I will have to be careful but I just want one .. maybe two ... or three or something ... Well I'm going to have to buy airline tickets pretty soon before they go sky high (no pun intended *snicker*) but there's the old problem of having to have the money ... I hate money! LOL If I had lots of it I probably wouldn't hate it as much!

Speaking of money I guess it's time for me to get on the treadmill so I can shower afterwards and go to work where I can make a tiny bit of it today. Have a great one guys and watch out if you sleep on one side too much ... eeek!

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