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SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

iDance2GrobanTunes's picture
on April 1, 2008 - 9:03am

AHHH!!! I am overflowing with joy right now!!!!!!!! So, I woke up this morning, thinking it would be the usual kind of day (which is pretty much doing nothing). I plan to get together with my friend and hang out, listen to some Josh music and watch Dancing With The Stars. Then, while my friend was wondering if I had heard when the release date of the Awake Live CD/DVD was, I thought I'd check FOJG and see if there was any new information. This is when I totally FREAKED OUT and was trying to keep myself from jumping out of my chair and screaming my head off with excitement! The Awake Live CD/DVD was coming out on May 6th and the Internet only limited edition was available to pre-order!!!!!!
So, that pretty much made my day.. and I have finally stopped shaking. I cannot WAIT to see the DVD and remember what a special night I had at the concert I was able to go to in Green Bay, WI. Thanks to EVERYONE who played a part in making the Awake Live CD/DVD (which I'm sure will be spectacular) and for saving a glimpse of how the whole Awake tour turned out!!!!!! Love you all!

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