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his memory is soooo good!

margie76's picture
on April 1, 2008 - 2:39pm

this is the story of a pic. my first with josh's and my face both facing the camera. the venue? the NE string of "AWAKE" i think. one of my friends knew we wanted a pic with josh, me and my other friend facing the camera. so my friend and i got one each side of him annnnd...the photog called out, "JOSH!" he looked up and CLICK! the pic. my friend in the pic too, had josh sign it for her the night after it was taken. josh, then, "i look like a deer in the headlights!" TWO whole nights later, on the day i met josh with a bsp, i had josh sign the same pic at the buses. josh, "there's that deer in the headlights pic again! i already signed it!" me, "yes! for my friend. tonight you're signing it for me. i'm on the other side." josh, omj! killer convo, he's looking at me and the pic, up and down, josh, "oh! yes! you are! two copies/one page? i'll sign them both." and he DID! i'd met him backstage earlier in the day, but i got him much closer and better here. how i'm alive? i just don't know!
i found my heart from paris! and THE NEWSPAPER today.

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