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follow up

vijaykumar's picture
on April 1, 2008 - 8:18pm

Wake up's a sad and scary day at Target when one of your managers who is 46 comes up to you and tells you she is having chest pain and then proceeds to go in to full cardiac arrest right at your feet..thank god medical personal was there within 2 minutes, I really thought she was going to die right there on the salesfloor....she had quadruple bypass and is recovering well thank god..there is no way I am going to die in the bullseye...drag my dying ass out to the parking lot. My last sight on this earth cannot be little Johnny pulling every freaking shirt off my newly folded table while his inattentive mother is switching tags and stuffing a bra into her fake gucci handbag...its time to go TIME TO GO....big interview with the vice president of LLBean expasion on the west coast and I am up for it....that would make it all worth it I think...i am praying to all the dead relatives on this one...I need this...of course i did have to pass a psychological test...hmmmm that could be a problem

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