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Life on hold

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on April 3, 2008 - 5:42am

I'm one of only two people in my department today, and the girl in charge of an event I'm working on is also out. We did a lot of work on it yesterday, so at least I don't feel like I should be doing something else, just bored.

I'm starting to wonder if the laparascopy is really the right option for me. I've done my homework and found other ways of getting this mess taken care of, safer ways with no general anesthesia and quicker recovery time, but I don't know if my doctor can do them.

Earlier this week I saw a sign up at work about 4-week-old kittens that needed homes. My fiance and I want to adopt a little fur baby now that we're in a place that allows pets, so I sent an email asking what colors and genders they were (if any were tortoiseshell, black or gray, I would've pounced, no pun intended). I got in today to learn that it's a moot point because they were all adopted. Oh well. Fiance says his family's cat Figaro, who we still see pretty often, would never forgive us if we had gotten one of them.

So there's all this stuff I'm working on or planning to do, and it's just on hold until I figure the rest of this out. But there are two constants: I'm still going to see Josh at BAM in 3 weeks (how did it get to be this soon?! I don't know but I'm not asking questions), and I'm still getting married. I finally got the bridesmaids to look at dresses, and we're meeting with a photographer tonight.

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