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Deviant Art

Cobalt's picture
on April 4, 2008 - 8:55am

I have my period so I feel like crap. Aches, cramps, all that, so fun to be a women!

I added some of my kitty photos to DeviantArt. What's that? It's an art community which has people post tons and tons of all kinds of art. Some of it is excellent but unfortunately I it seems like nude photography (which I think a lot of it is not very tasteful and should not be included and is not really "art" but more porno- I don't know where they get all these young girls who are willing to pose naked!!) is on there so be warned.
But you won't find any of that on my gallery page... it's mainly pictures of kitties and some Josh graphics. :)

I just entered the contest to see the Josh PBS special.. OOO I hope I win!!!! *crosses fingers* I need something to go right! It's been a rough couple years1

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