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typical spring weather

laurel's picture
on April 5, 2008 - 5:59pm

The true essence of spring has arrived to my neck of the woods.One minute we have sunshine and warmth, the next it is gloomy and cool.We have had snow this morning,sunshine this afternoon and now into early evening we are having a rain storm along with a cold wind.The birds have been constant through out the day however,so the day hasn't been a total write off.I have just enjoyed over 4 hours of Josh as I have a 5CD load and I filled it with his voice.It sure made the house work and baking I had to do today go by nicely.I really needed to draw on Josh today as it was a difficult day ,thoughts of my father's death really haunted me.I miss him soooo much HE WAS MY HERO!!!!! The beauty of Josh's voice seems to settle my soul and help me not feel as sad and alone.

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