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Spring is here!!!

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on April 5, 2008 - 10:20pm

Hello, again.

It's weird not being here for awhile. Things have been hectic - Sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going.

With summer fast approaching, I've decided to try to get out and exercise more - That is if the weather holds up. Hopefully, I can stick with it (at the moment, I'm trying to find a walking partner).

Today, my family celebrated my dad's 66th birthday... My mom actually managed to put 66 candles on my dad's cake (a 10" round cake) - I didn't think it was possible until I saw it!

My 4 year old nephew is obsessed with blowing out birthday candles on cakes. So, my dad let him try blowing out the candles (with the help of my 5 year old niece). -- Last year, my nephew blew out my birthday candles before everyone even finshed singing "Happy Birthday".

Took my niece and nephew to the park today. I felt like a kid again swinging on the swings and playing on the jungle gym with them... I have this theory that every once in awhile it's good to let loose and do mindless (sometimes childish) things. -- Another reason to get in shape.

Quite some time ago, my oldest niece asked me to be a guest speaker at her teen retreat coming up in the middle of May... According to her, I'm the most inspirational person she knows. Although I've touched the lives of thousands of people in one way or another through the years, I still don't consider myself that much of an inspirational person (I don't know why, I just don't).

Anyways, today we discussed what all she wants me to talk about during my presentation.

She asked me what inspires me to keep going (never give up, no matter what). I thought for a moment and said, "Music... And believing in myself." She thought it was odd at first until I explained how music can impact a person's thoughts, emotions, etc. I then explained the importance of believing in oneself.

It's odd, but I'm probably the only person that has a "favorite" song for almost any type of situation that comes up in life. Heck, I even have my own list of top 10 favorite songs of all times.

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