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la la la

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on April 6, 2008 - 9:50am

Haha, I couldn't think of a good title :)

I started writing an entry yesterday, summarizing my week, when guess who should im me? You get one guess. :P

He really didn't have anything in particular to say, so we just chatted for awhile. Then the subject of dating came up again. He'd made some comments, and I had an innocent question. I was hesitant to ask, knowing he hates the subject. He promised not to get mad, I asked, and he opened up to me about his relationship with this one girl. Then he asked if his response was as bad as I expected, and I said I was glad he doesn't hate me. He said he doesn't make the same comments to me that he would make to just anyone, but, "if I've told you everything I have, and if we've had all the- excuse me- relatively intimate discussions that we have had, I might get irritated, but it wouldn't be something I'd dump you over." He then quoted part of our first email conversation, and said he's never shared that with anyone else. He quoted that conversation a few more times, and then he had to go. Oh between quotes he also said, "i still kind of wonder what on earth made me open up to you so readily."

Earlier in the week we talked and dating came up. (he was talking about being married, and he'd mentioned before that would be right out of college, so I asked when he saw himself starting to date) He got super-sarcastic. I thought he was joking around and wasn't offended, but he called two days later and apologized! We talked for an hour on the phone! Our second phone conversation.

Don't know what to make of all that, so moving on... I met two of the people I'll be going to Germany with! The trip is July 4-15, and there will be 9 of us. Met two really nice guys on the team yesterday. We were sorting items at the Central VA Food Bank. The oldest item was from 1992!! But I am stoked about Germany! I'd been wondering who I'll be going with.

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