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Lookin' Pretty For Us'all **wink**

FlippedOverJosh02's picture
on April 6, 2008 - 6:52pm

Oh yes, Josh - YOU always look hot! Fun to see you before the concert - keep that footing coming; we live to see what you're up to!!!!

OMJosh - I can't believe I haven't journalled since the first of the month. A lot has happened in 5 short days.....

Hannah made it home from Spain! What a great homecoming it was...her friends and family missed her so much. It sure gave me a glimpse of "what's to come" next year - heck, next year? - um no, this fall when she's off to college. It's a bittersweet time here in our home. It's almost like she "changed" a you mothers out there understand what I'm trying to say? She seemed to have grown up in a way, and I swear even her looks changed...from young lady to woman on a mission....I think I'm babbling, but it's so hard to describe what I'm feeling.

Tonight we made some major decisions on college, graduation reception, senior recital, decorations, food, guest list, etc etc etc. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We travelled to our last Show Choir competition in Sioux Falls, SD and took 5th overall (16 choirs)...not bad considering they hadn't had a full choir practice for a whole month! It was such an emotional day for the seniors and parents especially :)

Oh, Mark got our entry way painted for graduation (the start of a long list) and I finished up Hannah's scrapbook and had it on her bed as a gift for when she arrived back home from Spain. She was sooo touched by the pics and by the work that went into it (she had to put a small one together for her host family in Spain). Hers turned out so's so much fun to go through those old cherished pictures to find "just the right ones!"

What else? Oh yeah, I've been called (sometimes late night hours) to sit with my sister at the Hospice House - she's having some very confused moments,'s so heart wretching. I'm just exhausted emotionally.

Anyway.....hope you've all been well and happy and joshed and excited to get that dvd :) I know I am! Love and Josh hugs to all of you ~

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