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Grown-up stuff

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on April 7, 2008 - 10:48am

I'm planning a wedding. I pay taxes (although I wish I could tell the government what it does and does not have my permission to spend the money it takes from me on). I commuted to my office this morning and spent the train trip reading the newspaper. I paid some bills. I did laundry. I organized my new kitchen. I cooked dinner on Sunday (fettuccine Bolognese). After my own doctor said she couldn't do this in the safer, quicker way I wanted, I took matters into my own hands, found someone who can, and scheduled a consult with him*.
Wait a minute. All that stuff is so...grown-up. So adult. While I'm doing this stuff I plow through with it and handle it with (what I think is) aplomb, but when I stop and think about it, I feel almost like I'm too young to be doing all of it. I know, I know...if 24 is too young to be doing that, when exactly IS "old enough"? I'm able and proud to do it, but there are times where I just want to throw cartoons on and escape for a while.
*Maybe we can arrange something around the time the Awake DVD comes out. I'd like to have that on during my recovery.

In a total non sequiter, my fiance brought Figaro, his black and white cat, over to our place to visit for a little while this weekend. We'd considered adopting him and giving his parents full visitation rights, but that plan has been completely scrapped. Why? Because I've never heard that cat scream so much, so loudly, and so pitifully as he did when he came through our door. We held him and petted him and spoke really calmly, but he was still so scared of the new surroundings. He just ran from room to room, and his tail was as fat as I've ever seen it. The visit didn't even last half an hour, and we decided he might be too old to adjust to living in a new, strange place.

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