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Stupid is Stupid does/ GOOD NEWS

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on April 7, 2008 - 4:58pm

Well,yesterday I said I did something stupid ok dumb. I really did a number on myself and didn't realize it till 3:00 this morning. Besides breaking my toes I injured my right hand and arm too. How could one person do so much damage to one's self in one day? I'd like to kick myself but I can't even do that. There's nothing like having several stupid moments all in one day. I'm so angry with myself. I know I had better get over it and start the healing process. Healing doesn't come with negativity but it does come with surrounding one's self with a positive atmosphere.
Speaking of positive thoughts I need to be very positive tomorrow cause I'm taking my dad to his dr. appt. A surgery date has to be set to have two of his toes amputated. It saddens me but he wouldn't do what the dr. told him to do to cure the infection. He's determined to do things his way. His children can't tell him anything. It's difficult having elderly parents.
OK, that's the last of the negativity so from here on out it's positive thoughts.

GOOD NEWS! We arrived home a little while ago from Daves appts.It looks like he could possibly go back to work by the end of May. Yipeeeeee!!
We're both happy. One we'll have a better paycheck coming in so we don't have to rely on our children for financial help. Two he'll be much happier on the job. Three I'll have my space again!! I can't wait!! Don't get me wrong I love Dave but I need my own space.
OK, I've said enough for one day. Have a Joshin day all.


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