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Waiting for a FAX to go through and so...

vijaykumar's picture
on April 8, 2008 - 1:00pm

I have a bit of time to play.
For some reason the fax is taking a bit of time to go through ??? I had to go get the accident report for the insurance. Michigan's considers anyone with an alcohol limit over .08 as DUI
The girl that hit me had a alcohol amount of .17. and that apparently was enough to mess up her judgement for stopping at a red light and not hitting me while I was waiting for the light to turn green. By Michigan's old standards she would have been considered DUI and then some.
So, she messed up. She and I are both lucky it was not worse.

My fishy is hanging in there.
I don't think he is eating unless he is sneaking it when I am not looking. Hopefully he will pull through. I don't know how he got so sick. I faithfully clean his bowl and use the stuff to put in the water to condition it and make it comfy for him. Maybe he was an very old betta when I bought him ???? and he can't fight off disease any longer.
Poor fishy, indeed.

So Groban is getting so much fan mail they had to switch it to industry fan mail collection. WOW, that is impressive. He's in the big name big time now. Maybe he got tired of reading it. It could be overwhelming reading all that and going through the gifts, etc.

Did you happen to see the video clip of Paris Hilton and her Guru and how the papparattzi ?spelled)followed them. "that's Crazy Man" is what the guru said and I agree.
If you really think about it, it does not make sense to take an ordinary person and chase them around with cameras, etc.
Just because people watch them work, shouldn't mean their personal time should be watched, too. That is one reason I don't by tabloids and most of the time I don't watch tablid tv. It happened to be on that station and I did not get up to change it. It is a crazy syndrome. One minute someone works and a dairy queen and no one cares and then the next minute they are constantly chased by cameras and autograph seekers and story writers just because people go to watch them work (sing). Go figure. It's a wierd world.

Chow for Now



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