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The rest of the cell phone story....

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on April 8, 2008 - 7:41pm

I'm watching my favorite show right now....Gene Simmons, Family Jewels. But I thought I'd break away and tell you the rest of Robert's cellphone story.

The apple doesn't far too far from the tree.

Last week, my daughter, Reagan said she "lost" HER cellphone. She swore to God and his son Jesus, that she had it when she was in the sunroom. She was adamant about that. Now....poof, it's gone. Well, that night, I got Robert's police flashlight and went all over our yard twice and looked. I turned the house upside down. No cellphone to be found anywhere.
I started smelling a fish on her story. If she had been so sure about losing it in the house..why wasn't it showing up.
The drama began after that.

I said "Reagan, please tell me you didn't lose it somewhere else and are afraid to tell me or you just hoped to get a new phone." Yeah, crappy, I know, but....Reagan can be manipulative. She liked her phone initially but because it's not the latest and greatest, she's been bugging me for another one.
So...the whole story was very suspect.
I tried to get the truth from her and she stood by the fact that that phone HAD to be in this house somewhere.
It never showed up.

I prayed that phone would show up one way or another so I would know for sure the truth on it.

So yesterday when Robert's cellphone fiasco happened, he thought the phone he ran over was actually hers. He came in and handed me part of the phone.
"Found Reagan's cellphone in the yard..just mowed over it!"

My heart was so relieved. Yesssss, I thought. She wasn't lying. I grabbed it up and went straight to her and said "Reagan we found your cellphone and I just want you to know I am so sorry I accused you of lying." The look on her face was total surprise when she saw that piece of plastic.
I hugged her and went on.

Robert storms in a few minutes laters and says..."That wasn't Reagan's cellphone...that was MINE!!! GRRRRRRRR!" and he slings the OTHER half of his phone on the floor and storms out.

I went back out to Reagan and said "Nevermind on what I just said, that was Dad's phone that got mowed over."

Oh, that just tickled her to death that he ruined his phone. "Way to be responsible Dad."
I said "Shut up Reagan....timing....Timing is everything. Now's not the time."

So, that's another reason I was laughing my head off yesterday over the whole situation.

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