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Oh good God...the petulant child rages on!!!!

SamsGirl2002's picture
on April 9, 2008 - 8:16am

'Petulant child' Where did that come from? Oh, only from my reference to my BIL who has turned out to be even more of a SH*T than I ever imagined he would be!!! He's like a child in the 'terrible twos!'

He has been badgering Sam something awful since we got home. Sam forgot some computer software at their house. So he sent an e-mail to ask them to send it. He said ok, they would send it. Then ranted and raved about how terrible we were etc.

Now they decided they won't send it until we send them money to cover postage. Oh, and he told Sam if he 'stole' anything from the office when he (Sam) went in there to get something that belongs to him, BIL is going to press charges.

WTF? Over this? He would accuse Sam of possibly stealing something, when he knows damn well Sam never would take anything that wasn't his? He would press charges? Because he thinks I insulted his little wifey-pooh?

People are freakin' insane. Well, not all people. Only him!

OK, so for Sam...I wrote a letter with the best apology I can muster, without letting him off the hook. I worded it very carefully...

"This letter is an attempt to ‘make peace’ as it were, because frankly, I am tired of us all acting like petulant children instead of the Christians we profess to be. Whether or not you accept this is not my concern. I know I will have done everything I can to patch things up.

I honestly do not know what exactly it is I did to make you so angry with me. But whatever it is, I am sincerely sorry. It was not, and would never be my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or step on anyone’s toes.

I do admit, I was rather out of sorts by Saturday night. I felt on the defensive almost from the time we arrived, between the constant badgering about our marriage and the nearly constant, snide opinions offered regarding anything that I appreciate or feel strongly about. By Saturday afternoon, when I felt attacked over a personal trait of mine that I really have no control over, I had about had enough. (Name deleted) knows what I’m referring to, because she witnessed it, and even commented on it.

I really tried to overlook these things because this was supposed to be a happy occasion. Obviously, I failed miserably. For that, I am truly sorry.

As far as leaving without saying good-bye, I saw little purpose in sticking around to say good-bye to people who were not speaking to us anyway. If I had known Sam would be ignored all day on Monday while I was out with my friend, we would have left that day instead.

Please find enclosed a money order for $10. That should be more than enough to send Sam’s software to him."

I'm sure he will still find reason to be ticked, but if they send the software, I don't really care. If he continues to harass Sam, I will try to get him to just block his e-mail. It seems to me the only option left.

Anyway, I referred in my 'letter' to all of us acting like 'petulant children.' But, in my opinion, there is only one petulant child in this mix, and it's the ranting and raving lunatic idiot who keeps harassing Sam.

So...I've done my bit to patch things up. And if it's not good enough, oh well. The hell with them then. Because I refuse to subject myself or Sam to any more of this nonsense!

OK, on to happier things....I cannot wait for the "Awake Live" DVD to be released! It is going to be so freakin' awesome. I'm bummed that NWIA isn't on it, but I'm sure it will still totally RAWK!!!! Go Josh!

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