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on April 10, 2008 - 3:34pm

Well, I'm bummed. I just found out today that the doctor I work for in our office is leaving the practice.
I really liked him too.
They've assured us that our jobs are secure, just sucks.

There is a lot of good that could come from it. The schedule could be better in the future.

It's just sort of scary because we don't know what's going to happen.

Well....I told Robert the other day that I needed a vacation in the worst way.

I need time off to get back to myself. I'm tired.

Another thing that's made me sick to death is news I got about a friend of mine.
An old high school buddy of mine got arrested for stealing money from a bank she worked for. I saw her mug shot and it broke my heart.
There's a long history behind her delinquency. She has only herself to blame, but when I saw the look in her eyes, I was sick to my stomach. She looked so lost and hopeless.
She was the friend that introduced me to Robert many years ago.
My heart is broken. Her kids.....omg.
Her father was the captain of the police department where Robert works. Oh, the irony.

I need to go listen to a good Josh song and put my feet up.

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