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on April 11, 2008 - 7:36am

There's so much to look forward to and care about. I'm seeing Josh in less than 2 weeks. My favorite author is doing a book tour and will be in New York in the middle of May. My fiance and I are going to the comedy show in June as his birthday present, and he promised to take me somewhere nice to celebrate my August birthday. And then there's our September wedding.
But all I feel now is the most unbelievable sense of betrayal. I talked to my doctor about doing this the safer way. She said she doesn't know how, so I found someone who does and booked a consultation with him. Based on our phone conversation, it sounded like he would listen to me and take me seriously. I got there hoping to leave with a date. That didn't happen. He said I'm too young for him to feel comfortable doing this and tried to fob me off with something else. It's like I went to a real estate agent, said I wanted to buy an apartment in Manhattan, and was told, "You're too young to do something like that. Why don't I show you some rentals in Brooklyn?" NO. I'm not saying my choice is better than anyone else's, but it's not worse either. I have had plenty of time to think this over, I've put more thought into this than most people put into doing the opposite, and I want it treated the same. What is so hard about this?

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