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happy birthday, mommy!

Nessa7's picture
on April 11, 2008 - 11:40am

my mom's birthday is today!!

i took her to her and my first josh concert last year in march.

she loved it!!

it was 11 days before her birthday...but those tickets were a gift to me from my dad.

i will never forget 2 of the many things she said.

this was when i mentioned josh's hot buns.
1) he has a NIIIIICE butt!
(she said it infront of my dad)

this was when tariqh was playing his solo during "pearls."
2)is that Santana?? [Carlos Santana]
that is a HUGE compliment for tariqh. santana is so freakin' fantastic and my whole family is a huge fan of his...
you know what that means...

here mom, play tennis with him...
i want him back in an hour.

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