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Happy Friday

Irishgirl127's picture
on April 11, 2008 - 6:59pm

Happy Friday everyone!
It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with the blue skies. I looked at the thermometer and it said 63. I can't believe it! It's suppose to be in th 70's tomorrow. I may sit outside and catch some rays while listening to Josh. I've been given orders to take it easy till my infections are gone. Well, I can't do that every day but I will do it tomorrow at least. Too many people are depending on me so my life won't allow it. I will be very careful what I do though.
Last night I watched a wonderful movie August Rush with Dave and Brian. I couldn't believe Brian gave up time with his friends to watch the movie with us. That will go down in the family history book. LOL
Tonight is the night I enjoy shows on tv. Ghost Whisperer, and Numb3rs.
I hope that everyone has a Joshin weekend!!