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no screencaps today.

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on April 12, 2008 - 11:45pm

it is freakin' hot!!! it was up to 91 degrees today. right now 11:40pm it is 71 degrees.

the heat gets me moody and impatient. you have to be careful of how you approach me on dry days like this because i will give you the evil eye.

tomorrow, i think it's going up to 95 degrees.
i'm so glad my disneyland plans were cancelled. i wouldn't have fun if i had gone...all those people...sweaty and sticky...
i don't mind if it was josh.

wednesday, Latin Flavors (the band richards in) is suppose to be playing the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA.
i might go. the viper room is 21 and over and my friends and i want to go but only one of us is 21.
richard did say that he can get me in and someone else, but it's going to be about 5+ of us.

richard keeps telling me, "you're SUPPOSE to be there dancing while i play"

i say, "oh, shroeder....i'll go if you can get me in"
yeah, i call him shroeder.

he plays piano and he plays the Peanut Them Song...he taunts me with that song 'cause i love it so much.

we'll see what happens on wednesday.

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