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Hmmm...the face cream is working, ha!! ha!!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 13, 2008 - 8:03am

Well, this is the second time in one week that people have asked if my daughter and I are sisters. Yesterday afternoon we go out to eat at a Chinese restaurant and the waitress asked us if we are sisters, my daughter was like "Nope she is the mom" and the waitress looks at me and says "you so young looking", of course, being my natural self, I had to remark back with "you so right"...and then she asked me "How do you stay so young looking" and being the reverent smart ass that I truly am came back with "Ancient Chinese secret" pun intended, ha!! ha!! Well, it looks like the $150.00 a month I spend in face products wasn't too bad of an investment after all, ha!! ha!!

Which reminds me, I wonder if the stretch mark cream will have the same effect? One can only hope!!! Too, once I was talking with my mother about my stretch marks...don't ask...and my father just happened to be in the vicinity and remarked that he thinks that stretch marks are a sign of being a true woman...well, I won't give you the response from my mother to him...but, I think generally speaking, this is the result of one of two things: either my father's perspective is way off track or it is credible proof that parents will support their children no matter what. In my educated opinion, and mind you...this is only a hypothesis...but I think it would make for a great research study project...the generational gap on physical perspectives. :-)

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