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margie76's picture
on April 13, 2008 - 10:06am

hi all upstairs at barnes and noble, right after i'd met him, we were sitting and chatting, basking in the glow...up the stairs walks brian! omj! someone said, " hi brian!" he smiled and walked over to us! "omj! how much better can it get!" i was thinking. "tape recorder in brain on, this is gonna be big!" brian, " hi ladies!" someone, "how's josh?" brian, "josh is sooo happy! he can't BELIEVE how many of you are here this week!" then someone said something, i can't recall what. brian's response, "we looove the grobanites." brian shook our hands around the table and asked each one of us where we were from and what we did. my turn, i told him i was a school nurse, brian, "that must be interesting." me, " when are you going to bring josh to disney world? my HOG works there. come on! bring him!" brian laughed, "we are always trying to work out a deal with josh and disney!" me, "oh! yeah!"

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