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Creeped Out

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on April 13, 2008 - 1:23pm

As the title suggests, I'm creeped out! I had a conversation with A online on Tuesday. We talk on gmail, so our conversations are automatically saved. In my conversation with A I mentioned my girlfriend. She and I got into an argument yesterday about it. A called me, and in the conversation it came out that she was mad at me, for saying too much about her to him. (all we'd talked about was that a group of us were going salsa dancing but one guy had to cancel--I thought that would be public info?) Last night, that conversation between A and myself appeared in my mailbox! It appeared to be a forward from A. Today on the phone I mentioned that I'd gotten it, and he said he didn't send it! He looked in his sent box, and it wasn't there, nor in his chat history. I looked again and it was gone from my inbox and chat history. I even checked the trash to see if I'd deleted it accidentally, and I checked the spam. How is it gone completely, for both of us? And how did it appear in my inbox from him if he didn't send it?

This weekend has been so stressful, that I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow. A and I talked on the phone for almost two hours yesterday. He continues to open himself up to me. Part of me is glad, but the other part is frustrated.

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