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Dreaming of Josh

vijaykumar's picture
on April 13, 2008 - 6:11pm

I was blessed last night to have a dream about Josh. It has to be the best Josh dream since the one where he was a circus performer.

My dream:

My family and I are staying at a really fancy hotel in a desert and we get to go to an Andrea Bocelli concert. Yay! The opening act for the concert is Josh and I am chosen to play a game on stage in order to be a dancer for the show.

For the game, I have to choose which guy, out of three, is Josh. Easy enough! I immediately pick out Josh (duh, who wouldn't?) and I get to be a dancer in the show!

I go up to Josh and start practicing backstage. Okay, this is the weird part, I give him a big hug and start smelling his hair. Yeah, I have this thing with his hair (I can't explain it). And, for all of you who wanted to know, his hair doesn't smell like anything. I was surprised, I thought it would smell like sweet honey sent from the angels in heaven (or something like that).

We practice, but we have to do this move where he picks me up and flips me; this is where I ruin the entire dream. I won't let him pick me up because I'm 5'10" and weigh 200 pounds and I know it's not going to happen (I'm not saying he couldn't do it, but my weight's working against me here).

He says he won't dance with me because he can't flip me :( I know he probably wouldn't say that in real life.

Why can't my Josh dreams end on a good note? Maybe next time.

I wish I could sleep forever because it's the only time that I can meet Josh in person. Until then, my greatest dream in life is to spend a day with Josh (real Josh, not dream Josh) and make an impression in his life so he doesn't view me as "just another fan" but someone who truly cares.

PS: I'm not saying that Josh fans don't care but some are just Josh fans while others are hard-core Josh fans. :p

Has anybody else had an interesting Josh dream?

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