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Iz it can it be storytiem now pleez?

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on April 17, 2008 - 6:50pm

(If you don't get that title, you don't read I Can Has Cheezburger.)
I don't believe it. It happened two days ago, I have proof that it did happen (and more to come), and I still see him whenever I close my eyes. But I still don't quite believe it.
The other day, I was at the train station and waiting for them to announce my track when my phone rang. I didn't recognize the area code or the person who talked to me. He told me I WON TICKETS TO THE PBS TAPING! I suppose deafening him with my scream wasn't exactly the polite response, but it was the only one I could muster up at the time. I was supposed to go home to New Jersey, but I turned around and went further into Manhattan instead.
I kept saying, "I don't believe it. I don't believe it" as I walked towards the subway. Because I didn't. I thought I was going to get there and someone was going to say, "April Fool! You can't come in. Get out of here!" But that didn't happen. They gave me my ticket, and I took my seat in the center of a balcony. I could look right at Josh.
And he was something to look at, that's for sure. He looks great. He's gotten a haircut, and he did the show in black pants, a black vest and a gray shirt. I knew all the songs, but I didn't remember hearing some of them quite this way:
- "You Are Loved" started out more quietly than usual. A choir came out, but didn't echo "You are loved" back to him after the second chorus. They sang a completely new verse!
- "Alla Luce del Sole" might be my favorite song of all, even if they did do it with different instruments and in a different key.
- "Un Dia Llegra" got off to a false start. Tariq started playing, Josh started singing, and then they stopped, saying, "Farked that one up!" I'm buying the DVD of this show if only to see what made it in and what didn't, but I'm guessing that part won't.
- For "Broken Vow", Chris Botti showed up and did some of the instrumental parts on trumpet. I haven't heard that version since the Closer tour in 2005. I could see Chris' red face from my balcony, and Josh commented, "And I thought I had good breath control!"
- Josh accompanied himself on "February Song" and sounded absolutely exquisite.
- "Mi Morena" got off to a false start too. The guitar solo started a little late.
- The choir came back for the African songs. His description of what went through his head for "Lullaby" - hating to leave the kids at the feeding center in South Africa - made it all the more poignant. And his description of "Weeping" made it sound like it could apply to this year's election.
- After the choir went off, he did "Not While I'm Around" with just the piano. So it looks like we'll be getting that song on A DVD, if not THE DVD.
- I didn't catch the introduction to "Machine" at first, but then I couldn't miss it. He went off after that.
- ...but came back to our screaming and cheering to do "Smile." I haven't heard that song since that wonderful day at the Today show, and it sounded every bit as beautiful.
- After that he did "Awake", accompanying himself. It was one of the last ones he did on tour, and the last one he did tonight.
...For THIS PBS special. They called a 15-minute break, and an usher came up to my part of the theatre. They told us to move to the orchestra area. Didn't have to tell me twice! I got a seat in the third row on the aisle. I'm sitting on my bed watching the TV across the room, and that's about as close as I was to the stage.
After we were all seated, they told us what was going on. There was a technical problem with the duet on Idina Menzel's special, which was taped on Monday, and they needed to re-shoot it. I had just watched her in Enchanted on the weekend, and now here she was in front of me. She was wearing a sleeveless purple dress and the diamond necklace Nicole Kidman wore to the Oscars.
We were told to react like we hadn't just seen Josh. I managed to scream and cheer as much as any other time. He'd changed into a black suit and white shirt, and they did "Awake" as a duet. She sat by the piano, and he played. A light was right behind his head; contrary to what "In Her Eyes" says, he looked like an angel.

I'm writing my story late, but it took a while to sink in. I was also too busy making things right again with my fiance. It would have been too late for him to come with me, and he felt like I'd left him for another man. I really wish I could have found out a little further in advance than two hours. Even one extra hour would have been enough time for me to get him there, get something better to wear (I went in my work clothes - white sweater, black pinstriped skirt, black heels) and spritz on some Angel.
Sorry for one of my longest entries ever. It was that way in my print journal too - four pages, front and back.

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