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Life in the fast lane :)

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on April 18, 2008 - 2:33pm

Tomorrow is the first day of a 9-day outdoor show -- the Cincinnati Flower Show -- and this is my 12th year with a booth. Used to be a 5-day show but someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided that 9 days of lousy weather (this show is jinxed!) is better than 5. We've had 70* and sun for 4 days now... tomorrow it's supposed to rain. And rain most of the next 9 days. Figures. Luckily, it's such a popular show with garden clubs coming from as far away as St. Louis, that we'll have visitors rain or shine. But 9 days of 9am to 7pm sitting in a tent is exhausting. I'll try to check in at fojg daily for any big news after getting home, balancing the cash box, calling in credit cards and returning emails.

There sure has been alot of activity around here lately. Lots of announcements and do ya love the new haircut??? WOW! Ordered my DVD and my bracelet. Now all I want is a new CD and another tour -- not asking for much.

Headed upstairs to fix dinner, fold brochures and run through my list to figure out what I've forgotten!

Wish me luck...


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