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on April 19, 2008 - 8:36am

OMG!! That is all I have to say about the concert I went to last night. My friend goes to college at Bellarmine University in Louisville and got us tickets to see Raining Jane, Rachel Yamagata, and Sara Bareilles in concert!! They were totally amazing! I have never heard any music from Raining Jane but I was amazed by their music! I am definitly buying on of their CDs on iTunes. I definitely recommend them!

I love, love, love Rachel Yamagata!! Her music is totally awesome and I absolutely love her song 'Wore me Down'. She was singing some new songs off of her new CD she has coming out, but she sang 'Wore me Down' and I was so excited. I was totally hoping she would sing it!! Me and my friend were just as excited about her as Sara Bareilles. A lot of people didn't know who she was and if anyone reading this doesn't, definitely check out some of her music.

Sara Bareilles was amazing. I am pretty sure I have a thing for pianos!! :D When she played Love Song, everyone started singing it and you could tell that she was so excited!! I felt bad for her though because they were some drunk ass idiots (pardon my language) who would not shut up when she was singing some emotional songs. Sara Bareilles even told them to shut up three times but they still wouldn't and security wouldn't do a single thing about it. She came back out for an encore and sang Gravity, which I totally love, and did her rendition of Gennie in a Bottle. She should definitely record it because it was totally amazing. We were all singing along with that one too and she was laughing because she forgot some of the words but we were still singing so she would join back in! lol.

It was totally amazing and I will forever be in the debt of my friend. lol!!

Well, I am at work so I need to get off of here.

Until next time,
Hobeyho lets go!

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