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Feedback, please!

1eclaire's picture
on April 19, 2008 - 11:51am

Aemon and I talked today, and I don't know what to think! We were talking about this guy at work who seems to be interested in me, but who, until yesterday, hadn't talked to me since I'd told him about the dance I was going to with Aemon. Aemon said the guy stopped talking to me because he didn't want to compete with him. I said there was no understanding between this other guy and myself, and I didn't say the dance was a date, so I didn't see why he would stop talking to me. Suddenly A said (curse word removed), "why can't people just be open about whether or not they're interested, and why can't they just shut up and accept it when other people are? It occupies way too much of way too many people's time. It insists on intruding itself on my life which I think is what annoys me the most because I can't quite succeed in ignoring it like most other negatives sides of our society." I said I was sorry and that I'd be quiet, and he said it wasn't my fault, it's "darn near everybody else's." He said I'm pretty much the only person to take what he says at face value. Then on the phone he apologized for "venting" and said he just doesn't understand why people can't mind their own business. What in the world does all that mean? Please hazard a guess, and don't worry about my feelings... I have way too many theories in my mind, some of which are positive for me, some of which are negative. I'm tempted to ask him what he meant, but I'm not sure that's the right thing to do... ?

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