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humbling day

laurel's picture
on April 20, 2008 - 12:35am

I was honored today with my uncle asking me to spend the day with him.He is just 60 years old and is losing his battle with cancer.He is so brave and strong with his disease that it humbled me.We had a wonderful day together as I kept him company while his wife had to work.I was able to help provide him with some pain relief [mostly mid/lower back]with positioning and adding support with towels.He was able to sleep really well for three hours and when his wife came home, my husband joined us, and my uncle was able to visit as he felt refreshed.He was even strong enough to enjoy most of a hockey game and was quite animated and excited over it,I even heard a curse when the wrong team scored and it made me smile [that is a normal thing when watching hockey].It seemed like a typical Saturday evening in Canada watching hockey and I was so glad that my uncle had a typical evening.I am so honored for today as he is losing his battle.He is quite amazing at this time as he will be leaving us soon.

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