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My last passport photo was...

GROBanMELODY's picture
on April 20, 2008 - 11:59pm

Hideous! As the new popular word around here seems to be, it was totally farkin ugly. Seriously. Back when I was 14? and totally didn't care about makeup or trying to make myself look particularly nice for the pic. Of course, I still don't really, but I do like to look nice when the occasion warrants it, :) So I'm rationalizing today by saying that even if I don't win the roundtrip to Chess (which I won't) at least I'll have a current passport with an awesome picture (that I took today at Rite Aid) I'm going to stop by the post office tomorrow after class and get it renewed and sent to me ASAP. There isn't much time. I was trying to think of what other accomodations I could make if I were there since the hotel is for one night only and then it occurred to me. My former neighbors back in California (they are family to me, like my
"adopted grandparents") have a Goddaughter who lives in England. I got to know them when they stayed with them last spring and they are super nice and we have kept in touch and all. They actually just had a baby recently (Archie, how British yes? :) and I'm like aha- what about Nicki and Jason? So I emailed Nicki and she said to keep her posted so May 5th can't come soon enough :)

Here are a few snapshots of the posters I got for my birthday and the frame that I just got for my Noel poster. The Orlando one I've had for a long time now but I decided to swap him out with one of my Will Turner posters because it matchers perfectly with my new Johnny Rolling stone poster (a million thanks to my coworker Lori) She got me the Sweeney Todd poster as well. The frame I picked for the Noel sign becuase of the bluish border and then the inside of the frame blends in well with the poster colors. I didn't really like any of the black frames they had at the store and I thought this one was the nicest. Hope everyone has a good Monday. I'm off in the morning to take the tests for my 2nd unit of my Word 2007 class. I've been using Word 2007 enough now that I'm getting pretty used to it. Think I'm ready to upgrade soon...

Oh, and good news! The comcast cable guy came today and swapped out my box for a new dual hd tuner ::insert oooh:: :) lol so hopefully there won't be any more "issues" Thank Josh!

Happy Josh dreams! Time for bed...

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