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Adoptions and Crazed Cat

Cobalt's picture
on April 21, 2008 - 5:50pm

Mystic was adopted! I can't believe it! Ah I'm going to miss holding her lovingly in my lap every time I go to the SPCA. She would purr and cuddle so well!

To fill the Mystic void, I tried to hold another cat today instead (named Muffin). She's a gray and white cat with cute markings who has been there a long time. I remember that she was always friendly before to me. However, today she freaked out (I think she saw a dog). She had a crazy, wild, fires of hell look in her eye and swung at me- right on my face . I now have a lovely small puncture mark on the middle of my forehead now. It hurts! I'm surprised it doesn't look worse. The person working at the shelter kept laughing at me. How embarrassing. No muffins today!

Anyway on a good note before the furious cat encounter I walked Archie, the cutie-pie Jack Russell. The other two dogs I knew well, Cody and Trixie were already adopted so Archie is the only dog I know well left.

I was advised by my dentist to floss more, so I've tried to pick up the habit again for the 100th time. Problem is now my gums hurt! I think I got them inflamed. Bring out the pain meds! Eek it's not fun. I even got the sensitive gum took picks!

That's all for today..

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