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So here's what's going on

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on April 23, 2008 - 6:52pm

So today I had a long talk with the nurse ... she said that with Dr. Smith leaving and going into administration at the hospital (I knew that but conveniently forgot)(guess I'm putting it out of my thoughts because I DON'T WANT HIM TO GO!!!!!)that would make us one doctor short - then Dr. Bryan has said that she's NOT renewing her contract in July - she's been doing nothing but belly aching since she came to us -- she lives on the lakefront and drives to Plainfield and Naperville every day - it's not a short trek and in the cold and snow, factor in the traffic - I can see why she's upset but why the heck did she take the job in the first place??? Anyway, so now we have NO doctors -- no wonder they want to ship us out. So nurse said DON'T DO ANYTHING until you are forced to. First off, they HAVE to provide you with a job - she also mentioned that Dr. Smith would be very protective of us and see to it that we got something equally as good. So I'm going to adopt that idea - just sit tight, wait it out. See what they offer ... and if I don't like it then look for something else. But I should just wait and see, not jump the gun or get upset. THEN this afternoon Dr. Bryan told Jessi and I that she WOULDN'T be leaving after all! SWEEEEEEEET! Now we just have to see to it that they replace Dr. Smith with another doctor and we should be good to go! I'm a bit relieved - going to breathe easy for now. Thanks for caring guys ... I was freaked there for a little bit!


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