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The fight for love

MaKezzen's picture
on April 24, 2008 - 7:14am

So yesterday I went home early to make sure I looked nice for Corey. I when I got to work I tip toed into the work area, I was soooo nervous, he was not there. I was wonder what was going on. I did find out that he was coming in later. I stayed until he got there. I was waiting in the parking lot and when he came I walked over to him. As soon as I stop he sees me in his perveral vision and he freaks out it was soooo funny. He was freaked out for about 3 mins but it was funny. I was going to do it out side (telling him how I feel) We walked in the building and he goes to wash his hands and I said "can I talk to you?" "Shoot!" he says "I'll wait til your done washing your hands." Then he walked up to the front and I tell Marites that I need to talk to Corey and she tells him I want to talk to him. He comes to the back and I walk up to him he walks up to me and I look into his eyes and h have one hand in his hand and my other hand is on his shoulder I lean in and kiss him on the lips maybe lasted three or two seconds. I look at him and he says" Was that what you wanted to tell me?" I laughed a little "No" I took a deep breath and said "I love you, I want to be with you,..and my heart is beating really fast." "kinda like mine was when you scared me outside." I laughed " Will you be my boy friend." OH MY JOSH!!! It was sooo scary to ask. He looked at me and I told him " You didn't need to answer me right now. You can think about it." He told me that he would think about it. We hugged for a little and after that I could breath a little better. He did say "Wow that was cute it was a Kodak moment. I laughed. As we walked up to the front he said "are you ok" I said "yeah!" So what ever the answer is he will at least know how I felt. I did find out from Marites that he was speechless. Maybe that is a god thing but I don't know. lol I did have a few people say to me WOW you have a lot of courage I never thought you would do that. I only smile. Well now I just have to wait for a little til he tells me his answer.

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