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I'm Very Special!

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on April 24, 2008 - 6:42pm

I've decided to ignore the craziness that I talked about in my last entry. Yesterday on the phone, A said I'm a "good friend." Today, he said he doesn't have any secrets from me, so I said that makes me feel very special. He replied, "You are very special. I really appreciate it."

This Saturday I'm going to a worship service and then a baseball game with one of the guys I'll be going to Germany with. His friend's son is throwing the first pitch, or something. Ha, I don't even know. The worship service is actually a bunch of us going to sing at a home for the physically handicapped. A girl from church works there and the residents have heard about our worship and want to hear us sing, so we're coming to them. One of my favorite worship leaders will be there.

This week has been rough emotionally. Too stressful! I finally cried on my lunch break today. It didn't help. Talking to A tonight sure did!

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