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extra innings

lindyjean's picture
on April 25, 2008 - 11:53pm

i'm just sort of feeling underwhelmed lately. i have stuff out in front of me that i can't deal with, because i don't know if i have to deal with it. i work for a school, and i don't know if i'll have a job next year. the proposed budget cuts for california may mean i'm out of a job i love, for the first time in 15 years. i won't know for a few months now---perhaps not til the new school year starts. that's a long time to have this hanging over my head, but i can't do much about it.
i have fun josh stuff out there in the future, too. whenever we find out some info on this concert that's supposed to be on aug.25th, i'll make plans for that. i'm going to see josh at jimmy kimmel, for sure. we're still trying to get tickets for ellen and jay leno. i'm going to become one of those rabid fans who get to go into NYC and see josh all the time, so much that he recognizes me--ha, dream on!!! but, here's hoping. i'm also hoping we get to talk to him after the show, too, at the "back door". i'm going with some seasoned pros, who know the ins and outs of these tapings, and i'm counting on them to know where josh will enter and exit. it'll be sweet, even if we don't get to talk to him. i'm actually hoping he and jimmy kimmel get a little down and dirty---something to rattle the cages of all the prudes out there. perhaps not---we seem to be getting used to josh's boyish enthusiasm now.
don't think he'll rock the boat too much now.
i'm going to go watch the game. the dodgers have their catcher playing third base. this is a first. their third baseman pulled a muscle, adn they have no back-up, so they pulled the catcher, who played third in college and the minors, but never in the bigs, and he's been up for six years.
goodnight all.....

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