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10 Times

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on April 26, 2008 - 12:31pm

I went to the BAM show on Thursday. I got us seats in the top balcony. This meant we were in the sky, but in the sky of a relatively small venue, so we could see everything.
Josh was the one I wanted to see the most. He came on much sooner than I expected - I thought this was going to be like watching a talk show, where the producers know people want to see the musical act the most and therefore don't put him on until the very end to keep people watching. But he was the fifth performer to go on. He was at the piano on the side of the stage, accompanying himself on "America." I've heard him do it in concert three times before that night, but that didn't diminish my appreciation at all.
He came center stage for the next song. He introduced the band and explained that he'd talked to Paul about doing different instrumentals for it. It sounded interesting, and at one point I felt like I could just float away on the sound.
There's a bit of a back story behind the last song for me. When I was nineteen, I got word that a guy who'd been in some of my high school classes had died of cancer. I went to the funeral, and still won't listen to any of the songs that were played there - if I hear them when I walk in a store, I walk out; if they're on the radio, I change the station; they're at the top of the "Do Not Play" list for my wedding's DJ. One of those songs was "Bridge Over Troubled Water."
But I didn't leave the room during the concert. If I had, I would've missed something unbelievable, something I am unlikely to ever see or hear again in my lifetime. I just sat there, gripped my fiance's hand, and drank in the sound of Josh's voice. I only took my eyes off him when Paul Simon did his part. They sang the last part of it together - sometimes they blended, other times a voice would ring out. I smiled the entire time. It sounded and felt like a healing balm rubbing the sad memory out. Now I have this happy memory to replace it, to associate with this song. I joined the crowd in giving him a standing ovation.
Overall, it was a good show - everyone onstage was really talented and clearly happy and honored to be there. Everyone in the audience was obviously there for different reasons - some to see Paul, some were fans of the country acts, and I saw people in sparkly "I Love Josh Groban" T-shirts - but they, too, were excited about being there and seeing their artist this way.
I wasn't the biggest Paul Simon fan before I came that night, so there would be times when the crowd would go nuts at a song's introduction notes and I'd think, "Okay, I really need to figure out what's going on here." But that didn't happen once during Josh's part. I was SURE.
So as of Thursday, I have seen Josh perform ten times. My Josh-jealous fiance had a good time too. He was happy to have seen Paul Simon. And while I said, "Spend Josh's part in the bathroom if it bothers you that much", I notice he didn't leave either.

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