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Job not enough

laurel's picture
on April 26, 2008 - 1:42pm

I was and still am,excited about returning to work but I was hired into a casual position and the hours just aren't enough.I still have to make a living and money is too inconsistent on a casual wage.I like the hourly rate of pay I make in a hospital but need more hours.I will have to return to the private sector for lower wage but more hours.Work a little harder for less money but the trade off is the way I am utilized in the private sector as compared to the public one.Patient care is more prominent in the private sector because you have to earn that patients dollar where in the public you are paid by the government and monitored by a union.I personally prefer the private sector as I more direct and am not that warmed to unions.To me they are just another deduction off of my pay cheque and really only look after themselves [business is business].To make a long story short I will be seeking a new job on Monday.I will apply to a private clinic that had offered me a position in the past,a formality and start over.One thing about working in a smaller city is I have a reputation for excellent work and that has proceeded me into job possibilities,not only in this city but others as well.If I want to move I will have employment in other centres as well.I tried something I wasn't sure I would be comfortable with,on someone's advice,to work in the public sector and it's just not for me.I don't seemed to get as much job satisfaction working in a hospital as I did in a private clinic.

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