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The Amazing, Multiple Award-Winning, Totally UnOriginal Snow White Costume

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on April 26, 2008 - 3:57pm

Today I went to "Beacon Barks" an event that helps support animal shelters (like the SPCA) in Beacon, NY. You can bring your dog into a lot of the shops and restaurants and they have a parade and fun things like that. I dressed my dog up in a Snow White Costume I bought for Halloween last year. I chose Snow White because frankly, the other costumes they had at Target where I got it were all in the wrong sizes for my Mini Schnauzer or didn't fit quite right. So I stuck with Snow White. I only paid $10 for the outfit. She hated it at first, but got accustomed to it.
I first had her wear it to a local small town halloween party in Staatsburg, NY. It said they had a dog parade so I put her in it and little did I know they also had a competition and she won Best Dressed! She got a blue ribbon.

So anyway I decided to bring the costume again for amusement to Beacon Barks and hoped that it still fit her since she's a bit chubby (no judgement here, I'm chubby too! lol). It always get a response and I find it really funny. Luckily the outfit still fit. The kids LOVED her costume and she brought a lot of smiles to everyone's face as usual. And what do you know, they had a costume contest too! And guess who won? Daisy, my dog! So we got a trophy and we'll probably be in the paper!

Man this outfit isn't even original or one-of-a-kind from some fancy store. It was just bought on a whim. And it was only $10 and so far she has won two contests that we didn't even know they had at two events! Crazy!

However luckily Daisy was a wonderful puppy at the event and she was very sweet to most people and puppies. They have a fancy dog bakery and goodie store called "The Beacon Barkery" and we got her a large snazzy, decorated fake-chocolate and peanut butter bon-bon as a reward for her efforts since she wasn't too impressed with the trophy.

Here's a pic I found of Daisy taken by a journalist! whoo hoo!

Daisy in blog!


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