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I had a day with KC!!!

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on April 26, 2008 - 8:43pm

Yeah baby! I picked her up from the airport around 2ish and we went straight to her hotel :-O where she checked in and then we went to what Duncan calls "Fantasy Sams" which is actually Fantastic Sams so that he could get his hairs cut in a fancy new style for London! He was so cranky that he was pissing and moaning that he didn't want his hair cut but I made him anyway. His father has threatened me that if he didn't get his hair cut and soon that he was going to buzz it off again and I couldn't let that happen sooooooo ... he got it cut and it looks very good! He's got a very cute little pixie face (Okay I know I'm a bit biased here so what? LOL) and he's just adorable! Wait until you see him! He's all set up with clothes for London except for a pair of nice, dark, blue pants because the ones I bought him (size 8) are too big and when I went to get him the 7s they didn't have them ... I have to go to another store and look - tomorrow KC and I are going to the mall and we will check it out there. So getting back to Kathy ... after Fantasy Sams we came back here and I bored her with stuff on my computer then she and I went out alone to dinner and hung out chatting in her room. What a sweet, kind, fun, lovable person she is! If you haven't gotten to meet her yet please do! She's a living doll! I'm home now and I think I'll take my sorry butt to bed, gonna get up early tomorrow and get my laundry done so I can go hang out with Kathy all day and not worry! I hope you are doing well! Drop me a line!

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