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I want school to be over!!!!

vijaykumar's picture
on April 29, 2008 - 11:56am

Ok so I found out the AWAKE LIVE DVD might not be at my house on the 6th which is kinda sad...but oh well as long as it is going to be here sometime around there! Anyway I spent last night at Brandon's house and went to the release of GTA 4 and let me tell you there is a bunch of non-sense going on for that game! Geez its like a gamer's heaven! My boyfriend was going nuts all night. I went to sleep and he was still playing it at 4 am! What a nut! There is no way I would be playing a game that long. But oh well its what he likes and I'm not going to down play him for that. It was just so crazy! There was a ton of people outside the Game Stop waiting for it to be release at midnight. I was sitting there laughing so hard because it was just so ridiculous that people would do that hahaha. But I shouldn't be saying anything cause if something like that came out for Josh I would so be waiting in line at midnight. But anyway I have to go! I have to study for my Spanish final tonight! Lots of Hugs!

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