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on April 30, 2008 - 9:37am

YAYYY!!! JOSH GROBAN IS ON DAVID LETTERMAN TONIGHT!! i can't wait, i get to do tap(my favorite thing pretty much in the whole worlddd), then come home, shower, and watch josh's beautiful face on the screen :D
this is gonna be a greattt day.

btw, me and LJ were talking about how amazing every part of Josh Groban is! lol. for example...

laurencullen93: be like umm hey can i touch your knees
momoxluvsxyou: hahahha yeah!
momoxluvsxyou: hahahahhaa
laurencullen93: hed be like umm what
laurencullen93: all cute and shy
momoxluvsxyou: hahaha we have to! omjoshhh hahahaa
laurencullen93: i want a picture of us touching his knees

lolll, i <3 us :D

UPDATE: Holy cow! that contest sounds awesome!!! but im kind of confused. what do they mean by david letterman's top 10 list? i think i might know...but i don't wanna sound stupid and be totally off. help? lol.

oh and what is the josh groban merch store? what is a merch? haha. im so slow. :] thanks guys.

UPDATE AGAIN: OMJOSH HE DID SOOO GOOD!!! THAT WAS SOOO FREAKEN AMAZINGGGG! i can't believe it was over so quickly though :( everyone got long interviews, and he just sang. and then he like left. it was sooo depressing. haha im soo excited and depressed at the same time. but its awesomeee.
i wrote down like everything he did, like when he pointed his hand up and raised his hands. and bounced with his knees. so now when we joshgrobandance to "weeping", we can do like stuff he actually does! yayyyy!!!

goodnight and good luck staying sane to the people who are still anxious to see Josh! :D

UPDATE AGAINNNN: so i just sent in the top 10 list. i know its late, but i had to wait til it was online b/c i don't have DVR and i couldnt' write that fast last night. :(
but to those of you who could, yay for you! lol. idk if they'll still count mine in, or if it's too late. May the best Josh win! :D

New: Does anyone know why wyatt hasn't said anything about the letterman contest?! im so confused. thx :]

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