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Josh Groban Up Close

Cobalt's picture
on April 30, 2008 - 3:30pm

I got that new short Josh Groban DVD. It's pretty good but too short and edited if you ask me. You could tell they cut out some of his talking and time in-between songs. I love it when Josh talks so I wish there was more of that. I know he's known more for his singing then talking, but if he talked thru a whole concert with his quirky, funny personality, it would be ok with me. It's so bizarre that they only put 4 songs on it! What's with that? Why is it only at Wally World? But it holds me over until the Awake DVD comes out. I also like the cover. :) Good job Josh!
Ok now when is that "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" single going to come out? OOO it still makes me SOOOO upset that I didn't see him at the Paul Simon tribute. I SOOO wish I went. well time to move on, too late now. Love you Josh.

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