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Ramblings on Latest Josh things

Cobalt's picture
on May 1, 2008 - 7:19pm

I loved Weeping, great performance. I wasn't a fan of the hat, a little hard to get used to, but I swooned like all of you over him. Weeping is one of my favorite songs (it was so cool to see him at MSG with Ladysmith Black). It made me wonder why he didn't use the same "You Raise Me Up" choir at the other concerts (when he didn't have LSB) for "Weeping" as well. Maybe it was too expensive or they didn't think of it, or he didn't want them at that time. Who knows.

And did you see that pic in People Magazine? OMG! I can tell it was a bit airbrushed, but MAN he looked hot! They should have put his gorgeous face on the cover of People and gave him a full-page spread. It was interesting how he did his hair- a bit brushed out. I liked it, though I love his luscious curls too. HOT HOT HOT! Love those eyes! Love those lips! Love the hair! Love the voice! Love the body! Love the personality! Love the humor!! *sigh* *my heart is a-flutter*

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