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flower power

laurel's picture
on May 2, 2008 - 12:21am

I am a strong believer in natural medicine and homeopathic treatments.I have a wonderful naturopath/herbalist who has helped me so much in the past.I had a consult with her to help me with anxiety and in 4 days I am starting to feel like myself again.Essence of flowers in water vibration is the perfect thing for me.She is so wonderful and knows how to help me bring my body back into balance.My entire family follows this line of health care and we see wonderful results.Mind you I use natural philosophy, in what I do, as my primary role is to help people use there bodies to heal themselves by understanding how they are hurt and what therapeutic exercise they can use to return to health.I have a great respect for what people choose to have faith in to help them achieve health and vitality and I am so glad we have choices.

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