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Happy Friday Me!

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on May 2, 2008 - 7:12pm

So, this week was aweful... *almost*!

Dad decides suddenly that because he has a shiny new TV that's HD ready he wants more HD channels... so he cancels the cable and schedules the switch to DirecTV... which meant no internet this week and no TV! GAH! I'm less than a pound from goal weight and suddenly can't go online to track my points or look anything up.

First the fridge, then that!

Then work was just heck. Too many people coming to me and asking me to either put in overtime because funding is low (my translation: they can't maange project funds) or there was no funding to begin with. GAH! I'm the cheap entry level person, why am I working overitme for free?

And people were skating like sleeping trees this morning. Thanks to the new ferarri skates (which are finally broken in) I'm now ready to zip... unless I have to spend the hour DODGING people!


But none of that matters anymore... because I just walked Spectre and checke the mail on the way back in...

...and found the AWAKE DVD GOT HERE TODAY!


Hope every one else's arrives soon!

*zooms away to watch*

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