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The joys of life...

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on May 2, 2008 - 10:01pm


Well, I finally had a chance to watch the new Josh "Up Close" DVD... It's wonderful.

A few of my friends are upset with me because they claim to need my help with some projects this weekend -- And I said "no" because I need to have my car serviced, clean my apartment, and spend time with my family. Is it so wrong that I take time for myself once in awhile? (I think not)

Everyone swears my '98 Cavalier is beginning to sound like a truck... As it turns out, there's a large hole in the muffler. So, tomorrow I have the joy of taking it in to have the muffler replaced. Let's hope there's nothing else wrong (besides the fact that it also needs an oil change) because car repairs are usually not cheap.

Sunday is my mom's birthday... I'm heading over to my folks to celebrate with my sister and her "clan" (hopefully, my niece and nephew can play outside this time around). I'm almost positive my mom's turning 60, but is in denial. She keeps trying to convince people she's in her 40's.

So, it looks like I'm going to be having a busy weekend.

Can't wait until next week... "Awake Live" is being released (Hoorah!!) -- I can hardly wait.

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