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I don't get it - I really don't!

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on May 3, 2008 - 4:52am

I've just GOT to get this off my chest ... work ... and I want to preface this by saying I'm really glad that I'm going to be off for 10 days -- well really it's only 8 but who's counting -- I work with the nicest person in the world (well two of them really - actually three OKAY OKAY!) and it's Jessica. She is fun, friendly, interesting, knowledgeable, capable ... you name it but lately it's been pointed out to me how - and I hesitate using the word but it seems to be accurate - lazy she is. I noticed this a long time ago but being as someone keeps pointing out more and more things to me I'm noticing it more and it's making me want to scream. We're supposed to be sharing the receptionist/administrative responsibilities but I've noticed that I'm the one carrying the load. When nurse Mary gets in to work in the morning she pulls the lab test results and x-ray/ct/mri results off the printers and puts some of them on MY desk and some on Jessica's ... Jessi then proceeds to put them ALL on MY desk - and since I get there later than she does I don't notice that she does it I just think the nurse has given me all the work to do - and not that I mind but I did notice that I had all of it to do and questioned her - that's when she told me that Jessi does that. ???? Why? Honestly, it's not that hard and I love my job so I just do it but that's not the point here ... THEN there are all the faxes that come off the fax machine in the morning. Even if I come in late (like 10:30 on Thursdays since I work until 7PM) they are still sitting there. So I have to take them off, punch holes in them (so they can go into the chart) and then pull the charts. Then when the nurses stack the charts on the window ledge between the lab and the front office Jessi never takes them down and moves them to the filing area nor does she EVER fax a prescription refill back to the pharmacy for the patients. If I didn't do it IT WOULDN'T GET DONE and then she wouldn't get in trouble I would because the office manager has it in for me - calls Jessica GG for golden girl and calls me STU short for stupid. (it's a long story and someday I'll tell ya) but that tells you how she feels about us. You see Jessi is SMART ... very, very smart. She could be a doctor if she went to school and got a degree ... she's a medical assistant but didn't even take the certification test for that. I don't know why! Anyway, she's very intelligent medically but could get the doctors sued if she continues to give out medical information to patients on the phone without the doctor's consent. It's making me nuts. And nuts because she does everything but help me with stuff. Somehow it became only MY responsibility to copy records for insurance companies and patients who want records ... I never agreed to that. Also any patient who needs a follow-up for some reason the OM puts that chart right on MY desk so I have to do that too. I pull and prepare ALL the charts for the next day's patients while she only calls and reminds the patients ... Okay so yesterday I noticed that I had once again gotten ALL the labs and test results to pull and that there were no faxes taken off the fax machine so when I pulled off the faxes there was a reqest there for records on two patients that Dr. Bryan referred to a surgeon and were being seen Monday. Dr. Zhang, the specialist wanted any pertinent information on the patients faxed over to her before the patients were to be seen on Monday - so I put that request on Jessi's desk while she was at lunch to see if she would do it. I found it BACK on the filing cabinet after I came back from lunch. I had to do it. ????? I honestly don't get it. And here's the kicker ... if there's a choice between me and Jessica to stay in the office guess who they will pick ... not Stu ...

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